You might not think that you need a website because you currently have a Facebook page for your business. Or perhaps you have an Instagram account or maybe even twitter? Potential customers may sometime stumble across your page. But what about when they need you? People look to Google before social media. When was the last time you went to Facebook to search for a local electrician or plumber? 

A website is your online shop open 24/7 

Your website is a distraction-free space where potential customers can learn about the services you offer, see previous work, read testimonials from happy customers, and quickly get in touch with you. You have complete control over your website (which you don’t with your social media pages). 

Why Social media isn’t enough

We love social media, but it’s no replacement for having your own website. For starters, all your competitors are on Facebook too! You might be one of the lucky ones who has good reach on Facebook, but Facebook isn’t practical to show all your information in one place. Linking to your website from Facebook means people can easily click away from Facebook (and all the distractions that come with it) to your site where they can read all about you and your business in detail. 

A website gives you a sense of professionalism. 

Having a website shows that you’ve invested in your own business and makes you appear more professional. It helps create a sense of trust with a client because they know you’re not going to just disappear with their money like that guy from Gumtree (which has happened to me before!). 

 A website will get you more enquiries.

If you have a website and your competitors don’t you’re automatically going to be getting more enquiries than them, and if your competitors already have a website and you don’t then you’re not even in the same race. People turn to the internet when they need to find out information. Even if they’ve been recommended by a past customer of yours they will still want to check out your website before picking up the phone. And if they can’t find your website? Then they’ll just move onto the company they can find online. 

We offer a cheap way for you to get your business website up and running with a professional look that includes all you need to achieve all the above. We can help guide you to find the best design that works for you and your business. 

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